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Maytag Gemini MGT8885XS01 will only preheat


I can set oven temp in lower oven to 350f and start preheat. Unit will preheat to 350 but once burner has shut off from preheat it will not come back on once oven temp drops. If I hit cancel and preheat oven burner comes back on again until oven reaches 350. I can not find a service manual for this model and don't know if the MER manual is any use for this model. Was thinking maybe temp sensor probe but not sure and it Lists for approx. $70.00. Not sure how to check if their are any codes involved. Nothing ever just pops up on the display during normal operation. Any advice greatly appreciated. I replaced the lower oven igniter approx. 2-3 months ago but it appears to be functioning ptroperly since I can get it to preheat.

Check the sensor. If it had 1080 ohms at room temperature  it's ok. Does the igniter turn on to cycle the burner back on? If it does, and there's no flame, replace the valve. If it doesn't, replace the control board. I see these models quite often doing erratic stuff like not heating after pre heat. It's usually a bad control board.

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I was thinking it was probably the board after I thought more on the issue. It heats up in preheat to 350f but the glow coil never turns back on with temp drop until I hit cancel and restart preheat. The top oven appears to work fine and the customer says that some times the bottom oven works fine but I could only get it to preheat when I was their and I tried it several times. Can not find a diagram or service manual anywhere for this model.


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