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Maytag 4000 Series exploded

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Well, it didn't explode, but it definitely sounded like it.

The past few weeks, our washer (Maytag MHWE400WW01) has been making a clanking noise during the spin cycle, like there was a marble or something in between the tub and the drum. It sounded pretty metallic - as in the loose object was metal. You could even spin the drum around manually and hear the clanking. I pulled the machine apart and tried to get into the tub every way you can (top water access, bottom drain, back heat vent) with every tool I could think of (clothes hanger, mirrors, etc) and couldn't find the object. I suspect it was in the "back" of the drum. Nothing in the lint/coin trap or at the bottom tub drain.

Then we did something stupid - we ran the machine for a few weeks, because, well, laundry had to be done. We were sort of hoping the machine would just run anyway. And it did - until yesterday. During the spin cycle, it made a racket that I imagine sounds like a claymore mine going off in a bank vault. Now, the drum spins really rough, like it's off its track or something. And it's much harder to turn - definitely a lot of resistance.

So, what did we do? I've been told that tub/drum repairs on modern washers are so expensive that we might be better off getting a new unit. Is that generally true?

I'm reading that this is apparently a very common problem with these machines - it's definitely the bearing. See this video and the comments:

Call Maytag customer service.  They've been providing the tubs, free of charge, for machines up to five years old. 

I'd probably still be at several hundred dollars in labor, right? And, not to mention the fact that this will probably just happen again in a couple of years. I think I'll get the free tub, then sell it :)

We actually just bought a new washer today. I'm going to part the old one out - is eBay the best place to do that?

Where do you live? Maybe someone on the board will help you out. They either send them fully assembled tub in one box or the three parts separately. It takes about 1 1/2 hours fully assembled and another half hour if it has to be assembled. That's assuming there's plenty of work space and no dryer stacked on top.
Ebay is great place to sell parts. I prefer Amazon for the convenience but their fees are higher and it takes longer to get your money.


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