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Submitted without further comment:

it's gross to read, but most of the things you'll find out about bacteria are gross... like mythbusters finding that their are fecal bacteria on almost all surfaces including the toothbrushes in your bathroom... 

this article doesn't offer any comparisons... I'd be interested to see what the results would be if they tested a few other types of washing machines, cycles, and detergents...

This shows the importance of one of the most time honored traditions that my mother ingrained in me............ Seperate your clothes.      We do towels seperate,  Jeans and pants,  underwear and socks ,  dress shirts,   colors,  etc.  etc.  etc.      Also,  we always use hot water on towels and underwear.     I used to work alot of laundry rooms in apartments,  laundromats,  and I see younger people mixing everything.    No seperation.    They just grab piles of clothes and mix them.    This article shows what can happen in such situations.     I try to tell people about seperating clothes,   some of them tell me they don't have the time.     Nuts.   Makes me feel that I'm not some crazy, old man spewing myth's .     

I would think the dryer heat should kill most or all bacteria.

Dryer heat might not be hot enough to kill certain kinds of bacteria.


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