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Neptune Dryer Gas Valve Asmbly Power, Bad Booster, or Other?


Tested the Igniter and radiant sensor, both check okay.  When dryer runs the igniter does not glow.  I first assumed the booster coil could be shorted (since it is in parallel with igniter). However, I tested for line voltage across Red/Black wires at the Molex connector and I never saw anything kick in (no AC voltage levels)...  So I looked into the other relays, etc. in line.  When I "messed with" the heat level potentiometer and other switches that are in line a quick re-test and it started working.  So, this tells me that there is something "flakey" with one of the other in-line relays or the temp sensor/potentiometer.

For now its working, but I fully expect it to resurface.  Any recommendations and/or experience similiar to this is appreciated!


model number ?

In my experience, this leads to a bad temp switch on the console. You can further verify this by consulting the wiring diagram in the top console. It will direct you to the heat circuit as a whole.  Since you mentioned tinkering with the temp switch and getting a positive response, I recommend you buy one and replace it.


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