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Frigidaire front load. Timer ??????

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Lookin for HELP !!!
Have a Frigidaire front load. Timer doesn't seem to progress thru cycles. How do I test timer or where should I start ???

Sorry shoulda added model # ftf630as0
Serial. Xc22017368.
Mayb speed control ??? And where would I find it

Can you manually advance the timer and get the machine to pump out and spin?

Sorry was Away. Yes if I manually slowly turn the dial all cycles work

One way to tell is to check the voltage to the timer motor.Take the top off and look at the backside of the timer. The motor is the round silver thing. There are two wire coming out of it and they attach to the timer. Check for voltage there. If there is power and the timer doesn't advance then yes, you will need a new timer.


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