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Dacor raised ventilation unit, most of the control buttons do not work


Hello everyone,  I have a Dacor raised ventilation unit Model No: RB46 that has 6 control buttons on the top right corner.  The up/down button works where the unit will raise up and the fan will start on high.  The high & off buttons also works but the medium, low and filter reminder buttons do not work.  If you press the timer button, the fan will slow to the medium speed.  Does anyone know how I can check this out to see if there is a bad switch or a faulty control board?

I away change both boards together... I had a dacor switch control you could just plug it into the control to test the switch board...but have had to go back and replace the control too..

krazytech is right I change both boards also that way you get the new updates.

The controls uses mosfets as switchs / not a relay..  so if the button go bad the control is bad..

Thanks for your input on this issue but I was able to repair it by cleaning the push button membrane switch with a contract cleaner.  Must have been grease build up on the switch contacts.  Cleaned & tested, all the buttons work now.  So if anyone has this problem, clean the push button switch contacts first before replacing any parts.  Thanks again. Tom


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