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kenmore elite oasis error f51 rps board?


i have a oasis with error f51        starts to fill for 4 seconds then gives error code,i took basket out,there was nothing under it,,,,i cleaned and lubed up shaft,im going ahead and order position sensor,,,anything else i should look for?

Make sure the rotor of the direct drive motor is not loose from the stator ...i.e. the bolt should be tight .

after i installed new rps  instead of getting error f51   it went to giving me f50,,,,,i cleaned connectors both on rps and harness with contact cleaner and worked in and out,now machinE   works fine.did 2 loads   ill keep my fingers crossed!

Please keep us updated, Thank you. :thanks:

5 loads works great but found a leaky detergent water supply hose,just replaced it will test tomorrow


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