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WM0642HW/01 will not drain

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  My WM0642HW/01 washer stopped draining last night but I cant seem to find the source.     I'm sure I heard the drain pump running while performing the diagnostic test but nothing was draining from the drum.   I removed the drain pump thinking it would be completely clogged but it is clear and so is the drain hose.   I checked the resistance of the motor - terminal to terminal - and I'm getting 14.5 ohms which sounds about right.  The impeller spins freely also and is not worn.   I am at a total loss here.   I think I have no choice but to put this all back together and try it again.   Have I missed something here? 

   I put the washer back together and it worked perfectly.  It filled and drained like a champ.   I next tried the full diagnostic and this time the drain pump did not work - every other diagnostic test is fine.   repeated many times - no joy on the drain pump.     I suspect that there may be water leaking past the impeller shaft and shorting the motor out.  I definitely don't want to clean and dry out the drain pump every time I need to wash a load!   Does anyone know if there is a history of these front-loader pumps leaking internally?  In any case, I will check the circuit before disassembly this time.

Replace the drain pump.  Could be just worn out pump that will erratically freeze up on it's own. 

It is a insulated pump meaning water can not "SHORT" any electricity, :tickedoff: lol. Replace the pump motor if voltage is verified at the time of no drain function. You can also tap it with a rubber mallet and that may get it to spin, to verify it is indeed, that pump. O0 O0

Thanks for the help!   New pump is on the way.   'post  mortum' on the old pump to follow (too curious).


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