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240V at N & L1?

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I went out on a new (actually used, it came from the $ears outlet) built in Kenmore/Frigidaire Microwave / Oven combo yesterday with the complaint of no power.

Verified circuit breaker was on. So I pulled it out of the wall. Took the back panel of the oven off and was confused when I had 240V between L1 and N and 0V from L2 to N. So I assumed that the "certified $ears installer" didn't wire it right in the junction box.

So I killed the power and went to check the wires and the box fell apart. It was taped together with electrical tape... I found the neutral just hanging there touching the metal box. So I put a wire nut on it and turned power back on. And now I have proper voltage to the unit.  Just no power. Took everything apart and the control boards were burned up. So I called the store where they bought it from and told them to get the installer top fix it or get them a new unit. Because $ears warranty doesn't cover idiotic installs...

Now my question is, why did I have 240 from L1 to N?

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Only way to get 240v is L1 to L2 so your N must have been L2.. did you check N to ground? or L1 to Ground?  go to love the sears installers..

I was scratching my head and having to deal with the customer, so I didn't check. She didn't understand English too well and it was hard to explain what I was doing. She literally had her face in everything I was doing.

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OR the wire colors are wrong at the Breaker Box ...

If you have an open neutral you can read 240 from L1 to neutral.


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