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refrigerant gauges question?

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What would be a good set of gauges to purchase for a first set. Can I use R-12, R-22, and R134a with any one certian set or brand?

The best gauges on the market right now  are made by Robinaiir and Ritchie and are available at better HVAC supply stores.I use the Yellow Jacket brand (Ritchie) which covers R-22, R-134a and R-404 all on one gauge. Don't settle for a cheap set just because it's your first one....go with a durable and versatile set that will last you awhile.

I always buy the cheap ones. :)

I don't do all that much refrigeration work.

Let us know what ones you buy and what you think of them.

Harbor freight has some cheap guages.

thanks JWWebster

sometimes on sale, other times 10%, 15%, coupons (rarely 20% )

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