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Bosch wall oven has heat with door open,no heat with door losed.self clean works

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my customer has single Bosch wall oven model HBN645avc,ser #FDB110106867,has heat on bake and broil with door open but no heat with door closed.yet self  clean workds with door closed.I have no clue.Any suggestions?

I would think it is a control problem... but also check the door switch..

Hello Krazytech,I was not sure what the problem was,I was just asking to see anybody had such incidents before.The symptom is strange.I may need to pass it on to a Bosch repairman.Thanks for the advice.I will wait for more replies before going back to that job.

heat with door open?  no heat with door closed?  sounds like the opposite of what it should be doing. 

  I would think control issue as well.  especially since the self clean works. 

   an obvious temporary fix for the customer would be to disable the door switch until the new control comes in.  I am curious on this one as well.

I suggested to the landlord to hire the Bosch repairman to tackle this job.Will report back what the Bosch man found out.


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