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LG LDF7920ST Dishwasher is completely dead


Last night my wife powered up the dishwasher, set the cycle and closed the door like she always does only to come back a few minutes to total silence.  Pulling the door open again she found the LED display to be totally dead.  Obviously I got the call to come fix it asap as she's not fond of washing dishes by hand.   So first thing I did was verify power to the appliance and I do have 120V to the machine.  Next I pulled off the door cover and checked the door switch for open/close positions, both switches work fine using a continuity setting on my DMM.  Now at this point I suspect that either the main PCB (6871DD1006S) or the noise filter (not sure P/N, didn't pull out unit yet) is the culprit but I need a bit of help on the diagnostic steps.  I see that there is an input on the PCB for the noise filter at connector WH3 but I have no idea what the reading should be on those lines (circled in blue on the attached file......the LDF7932ST looks to be very similar to my model). If people need me to post more photos of the interior as well I can certainly do that as well.

Any help from those more knowledgeable than I is most appreciated!!!

120 volts should be coming out of the noise filter.

According to the schematic, test for 120 volts at the board X3 yellow wire and X1 White wire.  If there is none, the noise filter may be your problem.

Hope this helps.

noise filter, my guess.


--- Quote from: domain on August 17, 2013, 01:10:35 PM ---noise filter, my guess.

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......and you would be right.   O0


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