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Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher model 66513469K902 - rinse aid dispenser issue


Hi all. Working on this unit and having trouble with the rinse aid dispenser. Not being intimately familiar with Whirlpool units, I am not sure how to verify whether the rinse aid is getting signal to dispense in the rinse cycle. Unfortunately I can find no service data sheet in the unit. So, here's the scenario:

Unit appears to operate normally. No error codes. Customer indicates that when new the unit went through rinse aid quickly. Then one day, they noticed they hadn't had to refill the dispenser in a while. They have fairly neutral water, thus spotting was not a big issue on glasses. The dispenser was full. I have verified that the solenoid operates and dispenses detergent. Measured 295 ohms across dispenser solenoid coil. I have also verified that the rinse aid dispenser is clear (not clogged) and will open with the solenoid, as I manually pushed the solenoid down with the detergent door open and the plunger for the rinse aid opened. I assume that the dispenser should operate twice; once for detergent and second time for rinse aid. What I am not sure of is how the dispenser differentiates between the two  and how to test for signal to the dispenser for rinse aid deployment. The Frigidaire units that use a one-piece dispenser assy like this that I am familiar with use a wax motor and cam to operate either dispenser. From what I can tell, this one should work but it doesn't.  ???

I've referenced Whirlpool D/W svc manual KD-13 which appears to be similar, but not much info on the rinse aid dispenser in there. Any guidance would be appreciated.



I've never seen any problems with these dispensers, so I won't be much help other than providing a tech sheet.

Thanks tgoods. I'm sure the data sheet will help!  8)


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