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Not exactly a repair question, but . . .


Tx wannabe:
I am a renter of a single family home, so when the dishwasher recently died, the landlord decided that replacement was about equal in cost to him of repair, so, poof, maintenance man shows up with new Amana dishwasher to replace old Maytag. I have no major issue with that, but the issue is that this new Amana is obviously "builder grade" or however else you want to describe the low end of the price/option scale.

My issue is the noise - the open floorplan of the kitchen to the family room means the TV has to get cranked up pretty high on the volume in order to hear over the dishwasher.

Here's my question: can I add insulation to this Amana to quiet it down? Having seen other dishwashers in the past I noticed that the  "quiet" models seemed to be wrapped in what appears to be simple Fiberglas insulation, or something similar.  Can that be an aftermarket product?


My second-hand appliance store in Victoria B.C.,Canada throws away a lot of broken dishwashers complete with original "product insulation".You may be able to ask those stores in your area for Free insulation wrapper.They might give it to you free.To buy one may cost you money,and it may not be listed as spare parts that you can buy.Just a thought to save you money. :wave:

Tx wannabe:
Excellent suggestion!



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