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Frigidaire dishwasher model# PLD4375RFC3 shyows fault code Uo,does not wash


   My customer has a B/I Frigidaire dishwasher showing fault code Uo.It fills with water and does not splash to wash dishes.I did the water/service test,it showed Uo(fan damper fault),hs(hall sensor fault),the wash/pump motor did not run..When I did the relay/triac sensor test,the variable speed wash /pump motor did not run at all,at any of the 4 speeds.And the vent and fan are working.When checked the wash motor terminals,there were no voltage(supposed to be DC power).When I supplied 120v AC to the wash/pump motor,it ran ok.The service manual #5995477345 says the wash motor/pump supposed to run on DC power to achieve 4 different speeds.I replaced the computer/relay board,there is still no difference.I just could not get the wash motor/pump to run because there is no power going to the wash motor/pump.I am stuck now.The test says the Hall sensor is defective.The Hall sensor is not a spare part,so I have to buy the whole wash motor/pump to try out.If I replace the wash motor/pump and the motor still does not run,then what?I am desperate now.The manual does not tell me how to test the Hall sensor.Please help!

Still looking for help or did you get it figured out?

Hello AJ,I went back to the dishwasher yesterday,examined the vent assembly complete with the optical circuitry.There was lots of  green oxidation.I  cleaned it up and tested the DW,it works fine now.The service manual that came with the machine was not much use.I used the comprehensive manual from the googledrive  to help   understand the machine better.Thanks again for your googledrive info,and thanks for your follow up.


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