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This is an on going problem that I have not been able to solve. The model number is ziss48ncass the freezer is 0 but the fresh food varies from 40 at night to 60 during the day. I have replaced the damper and the defrost timer so far. I have run out of options any suggestions. Is there a service manual on this frig.

There are two damper doors behind the lower crispers. One opens when the quick chill drawer needs cold air. The other may be for return air.I had a problem with the fresh food side getting to cold. One of the doors was stuck open. Maybe one of yours is stuck shut.

Service Manual link

Thanks for the info but this frig is all mechanical no electronics. Although I did have an issue with the lower damper door the servo was bad.. This one is a real pain so far.

The parts breakdown shows a motherboard by the compressor.


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