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model MDB9150AW

Dishwasher is not spray the water, what I hear I believe  is grinding noise. Most likely it is in the pump area. My question is can I get to the area threw the top, or do I need to pull out the dishwasher and remove the motor to get to pump area?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Before attacking this, take the bottom panel off and look at the motor for signs of water leakage. If it's OK then on top of the pump the center cap will unscrew wash arm off and then remove screws on the cover. Work your way down. Most can be repaired with a impeller kit, unless you had water on the motor.

I am down to the impeller wash, I notice warp, and on the discharge housing, it like the plate came off, rather the screw snap.  I can't get the impeller off because shaft is turning when I try to unscrew it. I am try find lock down the shaft with out remove the dish washer out. I thought there was underneath to lock it, but I can't find it either. 

Pictures might help but you may get away with this after breaking the impeller off. Check for damage to the housing.

First off thanks for the help. I ended up using dremel tool and cut half through an then broke it out the rest of the way. I finally all the parts that I need, but rather into bit of confusion. I my process of cleaning the area, I may have loss the check ball. So I went to buy the another one, but at the store they sold me this tiny bb, the one I though should go there is larger.

In there diagram it show the check ball in a different place, I know one was there when I took it apart. In the maytag diagram it show where I thought it should be. I not sure if maytag did way with be it was needed, or the store had bad diagram.  Here the link from maytag.

here link showing differently.

here picture what I think go there.

So I don't which is the correct one.

any light you can shed on this would be great.

Thanks !!!


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