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I have an LG model LDF6810ST dishwasher.  It's about 7 years old.  Just recently it started making a rhythmic noise while washing that sounds like someone snoring.  It doesn't always do it, but if it does, it happens during the first wash activity (rinse?) and/or during the main wash activity.  If I open the door and add 2 cups of water, that fixes it for that wash activity.  I have never seen an error code.  I have disassembled and cleaned the sump unit from the inside, down to the heater and cutting knives.  It was greasy but I didn't find any debris.  The problem continued.  What could be the cause of this and what could I do to stop it?

<<<Just recently it started making a rhythmic noise while washing that sounds like someone snoring.>>>


Replace the SUMP ASSY (AJH31248604)

Thanks for this, I will replace the sump assembly and post the results.  For my curiosity and that of others who may have the same problem, what is actually wrong with the sump assembly, and why does adding water cure it for that wash cycle?

<<<what is actually wrong with the sump assembly>>>


Failing Wash Motor (known issue).


<<<and why does adding water cure it for that wash cycle?>>>


It doesn't.
An anecdotal observation/coincidence.
Simply interrupting the wash cycle by opening the door and re-starting the wash cycle when the door has been closed---will yield nearly identical "results".

During manufacturing---certain parts of the Wash Motor components are made a using heavy machine press.
The oil/coating that was applied to the *press*---at that time---were later found to be chemically- reacting (degrading) the Wash Motor.

All LG dishwashers built *before* 2008 were prone to early Wash Motor failure.

TIP: When installing the new SUMP ASSY (AJH31248604)---leave the TURBIDITY SENSOR plug off (do not connect).
This will allow each of the cycles to "run" their full allotted/programmed times---without interference from the over-aggressive Turbidity/Soil Level Sensor (reducing cycle duration/run time).
Disconnecting (or leaving unplugged) this sensor---will NOT trigger any error message.

Thanks for all the details.  I had thought the problem was a low water level, and the cyclical snoring sound was the pump sucking air.  This seemed to be confirmed when it stopped after adding some water!


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