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Frigidaire Dryer Tearing Clothes



Model #GLER341AS0, the complaint from the customer was clothes were getting caught or torn on the front of the unit. After opening the door, I reached my hand inside and was able to slip my fingers in between the drum and the lower felt seal which is most likely where the clothes are getting caught. Once the top was removed, the compressed top seal was quite noticeable along with two of the three glides were missing, so this seal is shot. The front of the drum rides on three Teflon glides along with a felt seal to keep the drum in place. As the glides wear down, the space between the drum and the seal will increase allowing air to escape (causing poor drying) and clothes to become damaged. Often if this problem isn't addressed early on, the entire drum will need replacing due to the inner drum paint being scraped off and without the paint, the surface that rides on the glides will no longer be smooth. Fortunately, this one was still in good shape, so I replaced the upper felt glide and now the dryer only drys the clothes.



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