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Wall oven stands?

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was called out to work on a wall oven. the repair needed removing the oven from the wall to open the back. Now im not the strongest of the least bit to handle removing an oven from the wall to the floor with out any help. is there any kind of adjustable stand/table out there? what is everyone else doing?



Alldolly. I highly recommend it.

I use my Black and Decker Workmate as too cheap to buy the other. Slide it on a carpet chunk carpet side down. Has 3 positions to elevate.

I use a plastic orange crate. I also use it on top of a stove to allow easy removal of a wall microwave, works well.

I use my oven dolly.  Makes all oven jobs easy and very professional looking.  Also can justify a higher price to service.  DON'T BE CHEAP!!  BETTER TO SPEND THE MONEY ON THE RIGHT TOOL THAN TO SPEND MONEY AND TIME IN THE HOSPITAL WITH A BAD BACK OR KNEES!!!


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