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Whirlpool Dishwasher Leaking from Gap at Door/Tub Connection

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Okay guys I've searched and done a good deal of trouble shooting already but here is the problem. 

My Whirlpool Gold (Year 2007) dishwasher just out of the blue decided it wanted to start leaking the other day.  We ran it (it ran fine) and when it was done we noticed a puddle of water on the left of the door out in the floor.  The puddle was the size of a sheet of paper and cleaned up relatively easily.  I took the bottom plate off to see if water was underneath the dishwasher but there wasn't any at all.  Then I took the front face plate off of the dishwasher and decided to watch a cycle.  The one thing I found odd was that where the door and the tub met there was a small opening on both sides where you could see inside into the tub. 

Soon enough after turning the dishwasher on, water started splashing out of the hole on the left side and no water would splash out on the right side.  (I'm going to try to post a picture later).  The water is only leaking from the splash and no other place is leaking.  My first method to troubleshoot was run the dishwasher with some vinegar a couple of times.  This seemed to help, but the problem is still there.  I've also checked my vent to make sure that it wasn't clogged.  I didn't see any problems there.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Lastly does anyone know of what an estimated repair bill might be for something like this?  I'm just wondering if it's worth repairing or just going out and getting a new dishwasher. 

A model number would help.  Make sure the dishwasher is level, side to side and front to back.  Wipe the top and sides of the door liner dry.  Run the dishwasher for a couple of minutes. Pull up on the latch to stop the dishwasher.  Open the door and look for water on the top and sides of the door liner. The highest point where you find water is where it's leaking. There doesn't have to be much water.  Just a few drops can make a small puddle by the time the cycle is finished.

The model number is DU915PWSB0.  I've also attached a picture of where the water is splashing out.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Retighten the pump cover screws.

Also make sure this part is there one on the left side and right and also screen vent is clean# 12 on diagram it just pops out to clean.


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