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Maytag dryer needs correct timer number


Hello everyone,  I have a Maytag electric dryer that's driving me crazy.  the customers complaint was that the dryer is hard to start. (There is no start button to push on this model.  You pull out on the timer knob to start this dryer. )  I checked it over & installed a new timer.  This dryer had a Kingston timer Part No: 33002855 (one plug with all the wires that can only be install one way - no chance of installing it wrong)  after I installed the new timer, put the top panel back on and started the dryer I heard a pop and smelled a burnt order.  I opened it back up and found the sensor assembly/chime board blew out.  I called 2 of my parts depots & Whirlpool parts and was told that this was the correct timer.  Thinking I must have received a faulty timer, I purchased a new timer (same part number & the sensor/chime board Part No: 33002905.  Went back and installed the new parts & (you guessed it!) blew out the new sensor/chime board again.  I still think I have the wrong timer part no.  If anyone has run into this and has any repair solutions, please let me know.  the Model No. is: MDE8400AYW and the Serial No. is: 23633653EE.  Thank You very much!

These are the numbers on the original timer:  4055A   Mayag   6 3720670   M295
                                                                   Kingston   71020-A   00681

1 source servall has this on there web site.


Looks like you have to replace harness too and use this timer.


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