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kenmore ice maker doesn't do anything


I have a kenmore Model 106.55642500 (pretty sure a whirlpool with kenmore on the door) and i don't know where to look for help.
ice maker doesn't do anything, i took it all apart and put it together and it works in stages but doesn't do the whole process. for example if i take the electric motor off and move the "Do not move manually" wheel into the middle of a moving stage and put it back together it acts like it's working and at the end of the movement it just stays there like it is waiting to be told to do something else. i also tryed jumping the thermostat and nothing happend i was thinking that the thermostat was bad.... ???   Please help

Sounds like you have a bad module head on the ice maker....

what is that?
is it this


--- Quote from: maguilar496 on September 10, 2007, 07:09:07 PM ---what is that?
is it this

--- End quote ---

Yep that would be the module.


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