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NEED HELP!!!! Identifying a Maytag Gas Dryer!! Please!!

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Hello all,

     I've just been given a Maytag Neptune Gas Dryer which from first impressions looks to be in just about like new condition.  Before Installing it or even hooking it up to see if it works I wanted to disassemble the thing and give it a good cleaning to remove all the built up lint in and around all the mechanical workings of the dryer.  At the same time I'll check the belt, rollers, tension arm and idler wheel, seals, gaskets, runners etc. etc. just to make sure all is in good working order.

     Here is the Problem,  It appears the sticker containing the Model #, S/N and all the pertinent information of the machine has been removed from the lower portion of the inside door jam, at least that is the one sticker that I can see is missing so figure that must be where the information had been located giving I can't locate the information elsewhere on the machine.  I did remove the upper rear access panel to locate the troubleshooting schematic and procedures hoping to find a useful number there but the number listed on that sheet is 2201412 which doesn't produce anything when searched.  Below is all the numbers I located on the outside rear panel, hopefully someone can make a determination as to what the exact model and date of MFG is that I have been given.  I'm trying to download a service manual showing how to disassemble the thing to facilitate a PM Safety/Cleaning Inspection before putting it into service here at my home.

   1st set of numbers D26 M56972  This is the Number I figured would be the Model Number but doesn't seem to be.
   2nd set of numbers 719881097527
   3rd set of numbers 56972
   4th set of numbers 0224218

The Dryer is a Maytag Neptune Slanted Front Model with the LED Touch Pad Control Panel.  I believe I've got it Narrowed down to it being one of these following models:

     MDG3000, MDG4000, MDG5500, MDG6000, MDG6200, MDG7075, MDG7500 or MDG8000

Thanks in advance for any help and pertinent information that can be provided to my cause.....

Les :thanks:

Go to and enter your models.  Click on Panel and compare the pictures of the consoles to your dryer.  That should give you a close model number to work with.  Whirlpool bought Maytag in 2006 and discontinued the Neptune model shortly afterwards.  Your dryer is at least seven years old.

I thank ya kindly for the information on the web site & link to same.  I will go take a look in just a few minutes. 

I was aware of the fact it was an older model, I find it difficult passing on serviceable items having a price tag of FREE!!  lol  Especially when the dryer I currently have in service is 10+ years old and has had some abuse thrown at it.  The Washer and Dryer both get torn down cleaned and serviced once a year so the set is still in great condition considering their age and the crazy amount of loads they've seen.

I've gone ahead and tore this Maytag down, appears no one has ever bothered to opened it up and vacuum up all the lint.   I think Lint is a big factor in shortening the service life of these things, not to mention without periodic cleaning each passing year brings you that much closer to the probability of burning your house down.  I suppose for most it's a good thing the lint creates havoc with parts causing breakdowns, at least this way the consumer either buys a new one or calls for service at which point it would hopefully get a cleaning of some sorts.  I digress. 

Besides being a giant lint ball inside I noticed the felt runners as well as the plastic guides the drum spins on have been bad for quite some time, the forward portion of the drum that rides on the plastic guides not only has all the paint been worn off you can see it has at times gotten hot enough to discolor the metal from the friction heat caused by the spinning of the drum metal to metal!  I'd think operated in this condition it would have to be making an almost unbearable squealing sound, right?  Amazing! 

I noticed where the plastic guides used to be there are are pop rivets, this seems to suggest the complete drum support has to be replaced or can a guy purchase just the plastic guides?  If everything else is functional on this dryer is the investment for the felts and guides even a wise move?  The drum itself is worn a good amount from running metal to metal for who knows how long which I'm sure has stressed the motor and all other related parts beyond the normal operating stress.  A good possibility this could quickly become a money pit, is more than likely the exact reason it was tossed by the original owner and now sits in my garage!  Never judge a book by its cover, right?  Well, it looked to be in great condition dang it!  Lol

Going to see about identifying this thing.  Be back later with an update.

 :thanks: Les

You can replace just the plastic slides.They come with a new pop rivet. The drum can be reversed if the area where the slides ride are to scratched up. They need a smooth surface or the new ones will wear down quickly. The drum rollers in the rear are a little more forgiving.

Have it identified, It's Physical appearance is that of the MDG5500AWW with the touch pad panel, not sure if the Neptune was only Produced in 2006 or if it had a run of years thus producing variants of the same Model before the end of its production run?   I'm fairly confident even with slight changes being made from model year to model year the majority of the parts remain interchangeable, so I hope anyway....

The drum IS pretty scared up so that's an excellent idea of flipping the drum around the other way after installing the new Drum Slides, much appreciated. 

This particular machine doesn't appear to have the full circle plastic drum "Bearings" that most dryer drums seem to have on either end of the drum, or are they missing on this machine, leaving me with yet another couple parts to purchase for this guy?

I did find the Drum Slides @ for $20.15 Each (expensive little things) with the Dryer requiring 2 ea of the cork under pad along with the plastic slides themselves, noting that the pop rivets are included, for $20.15 a pop they sure better come with the dang pop rivets!!  They actually even have listed a single Pop Rivet @ a cost of something like $24 or $27 bucks each!!  Now that's one expensive rivet!!  It has to be a glitch in there online system, they can't possibly be selling a single pop rivet at a cost of $25+ when the whole slide is just over $20 bucks, or could they??   

Also needing to be replaced are the Front and Back Felt seals, they are warn pretty thin on the drum side and don't appear to be up to the task of creating a seal as intended.  I did get a hair brained idea of flipping them over, putting the half that had been inserted into the holding clips towards the drum side with the bad half now being inserted into the holding clips.  Not sure if that will work but figured it's worth a try, can't hurt to try it, worse case scenario, I'll have to order the felts, nothing lost.  I don't see why it shouldn't work? 

Thanks again for all the help and information, I will update this post as things progress.

 :thanks: Les


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