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Fisher and Paykel DE27CW1 No Display


The display has the backlight but no display.  I figure it's either the display module, 395721P or the sensor module, 395628P. Both parts are expensive. Is there a way to figure out which one it is so I don't have to eat one? I wish the affiliates would carry F&P parts, because then this call would be easy.

The display module was bad.  This board needs a F&P expert. :)

How did you figure what one was bad ?

Lucky guess.  An internet search turned up a few questions and one response that said it was the display module. There was no follow up from the person who asked the question. 
I used to do F&P warranty a few years ago.  I asked about starting up again just for the tech info.  They now want $129 a year. I'll pass.

For the $129... do you get a parts discount? F&P has a great tech line. They really know there machines...alway happy to talk too the kiwi's..


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