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Chuck Gibson:
This opening post will be long as I have been trying to diagnose this problem for over two weeks now with no results. I will detail the steps that have been taken to hopefully not waste your time.
 This dryer when set on 50 minutes would run 20 - 30 minutes and shut off before the cycle was complete. The heat range cycles between 115 deg. and 145 Deg. while running on the med/hot setting measured with a meat thermometer at the rear of the dryer with the duct removed. Reading and learning from other post I removed the back, cleaned the vent and aluminum vent duct. I also removed the lint chute assembly and cleaned it out. I checked the vent going outside and it is clear. First I replaced the motor with a unit I got off of e-bay and got the same results. I notified that seller and he sent me another new motor of the same type. Same results. It was pointed out that I bought a cheap Made in China knockoff motor. I then replaced the motor with a OEM Whirlpool and got the same results. I checked the resistance of the drum and noticed a little bit of drag and upon inspection it needed the rear felt seal replaced. After that was replaced I went by a Home Depot and felt the drag on a brand new similar dryer and it takes about the same amount of force to spin the drum on this dryer. To assure myself that drum drag was not causing the motor to over work and over heat I removed the drum and belt to remove all resistance from the motor and set the timer for 50 minutes. I am getting the same results.... it shuts off. At this point with the drum and belt out of the dryer, I set a fan in the housing blowing directly on the motor and set the timer for 50 minutes. Same results, it shut off. Sometimes when it shuts off you can immediately push the start button and it restarts but it runs a shorter period of time before shutting off again. Sometimes you have to wait 5 or 10 minutes before the start button will start it back up. While it is running it sometimes stumbles like it is trying to shut off kind of like if you open the dryer door and shut it real fast before the drum stops turning allowing it to pick up and keep running. It seems to be getting worse but it is inconsistent. Now sometimes when you turn it on even using the "Air Dry" cycle (No Heat), it shuts off after about 5 minutes.
This dryer is killing me!!! If you guys have any ideas please advise me as what to check next.
Thank you much for any help you can give me!!

Normally I would say it's the timer, but I had one the other day with the same symptoms that turned out to be the thermal fuse.  Try jiggling the timer knob when it quits while pressing the start button. If you have a meter, check for continuity between the black and blue wires on the timer and the thermal fuse in the back. Thermal fuse, 3392519. Timer, 8299784.

Chuck Gibson:
When I check the thermal fuse, should the timer be off or on or should I check it with the timer left alone right after the dryer shuts off? Should I disconnect the wires leading to it when I test it?

When I check the black and blue wires on the timer what position should the timer be turned to?

tgoods, sorry for asking what probley seem to be dumb questions....I just want to do this right!

Since it's so intermittent, it might be better to check for a voltage drop.  The 120 volts that's suppose to be going to the motor is dropping out somewhere.  Set the timer like your starting a load, timed dry is good.  Check for voltage between the black and blue wires at the timer while pressing the start button.  If you get 120 vac, that's where your voltage is dropping out and your timer is bad.  Do the same test at the thermal fuse. Of course, that means you're working with live voltage, so be careful. If you're not comfortable with that, unplug the dryer and do a simple continuity test. Same thing, timer set to run.  There's no need to disconnect the wires unless you want to confirm the component, just disconnect one side.

Chuck Gibson:
OK. I posted a picture of the schematic with arrows pointing to the points I tested.

There is zero voltage showing at these points. I tested it with;
1. The dryer running;
2. The dryer after it had shut down;
3. The dryer being started back up with the start button held in;
All showed zero voltage. What should it show?

Before I received your testing instructions I tested for continuity at the same points. These test were ran;
1. With the timer off- No continuity;
2. With the timer on- continuity;
3. While the dryer was not had just shut itself off- continuity;


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