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Whirlpool mold in duet washer

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Ok. A class action suit. So everyone with a duet washer will get $1.95 after "lawyer fees" and "court costs"....::)

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On T.V.Whirlpool new duets washer they say the mold problem as been solved.How?

I pulled a ripped bellows off of a Duet a couple of weeks ago.   Homeowner was standing there.   When I flipped it over and showed her solid black with stinking mold,  she almost had a corony.   Asked me what she could do,  and I told her to change the boot every couple of years.    She said she wanted me to change it in two years if I could schedule it.    Done.   I hope to get a few more like this.

Larry the applia:
 Yea this kills me any time there is water there is mold. If customers would use bleach they would not have near the problems. Picture shows under side of tub cover on whirlpool direct drive.


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