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Inglis dryer dead

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There is power, sensor has continuity door and push button works when tested. Dryer will not do anything.

To make it more clear, it is an Inglis Whirlpool dryer and the only P/N I can find is behind the control panel and is W10207807.
There is power to it. I checked the continuity on the door switch and the push start button and both have continuity. When I opened it was pretty dirty. I cleaned everything and still wont start. I check continuity on the fuse that sits on the cover of the fan and it also has continuity.

Post your model number you might get more help.

Is the filter in the top or inside the door? if the filter is in top the fuse is located on the filter housing in the rear. Remove the housing and clean it out if that is the case. probably full of lint.

Thank you for your reply. It is a top filter unit. I did take the thermal fuse out and checked continuity and is OK. Yes. it was pretty dirty but since, I have cleaned it all very thorough.

I can not find a model on the unit, neither on the instruction and installation booklets. All I can find is that is a Heavy duty Super Capacity 5 Cycle 3 Temperature and was probably manufactured on Oct 14, 2009 which is what says on top of control panel.


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