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My Kenmoore 70 series will run, but not heat up. I need help on diagnostic.

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Nathan Allen:
I cleaned out a lot of lint build up from dryer. I learned about the safety cut off that are non-resetable and thermal fuse. I replaced the heating element, but not the problem.  I don't know how to trouble shoot the problem. I am buying a meter tomorrow, so I can do this right. I need to know what readings, I should get on each part. So, I know what part is bad. Please advise any help would be greatly appreciated.

We're in the wrong category but AJ will move us.  Check the thermal cutoff on the side of the heater can. Around 0 ohms is good, infinite is bad. You'll probably find it bad, it's more common than an element for no heat problems. If it checks good, post your model number so I can pull a schematic.

Nathan Allen:
On my way home from work tomorrow, I am going to pick up a meter. I will test thermal cut off and get back to you. I appreciate your quick reply....Nathan

Nathan Allen:
Well, I ended up borrowing my neighbors mulitimeter for the day. I have no reading on the thermal cut-off switch. So, I guess that means that part is good. My model number 110.66722694. Please advise.

Nathan Allen:
I tested the thermal fuse and I have continuity on it.


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