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Just built a Brand New House and I have a Samsung Natural Gas Dryer - Model #DV328AGW/XAA looking to convert Natural Gas to LP - Bought a Samsung Conversion Kit for LP (Kit #LPKIT-3) installed New Oriface and Blocking Pin.  Problem is Dryer will not ignite. Ignitor will glow but no ignition. Plumbing expert tested pressure at 10psi and I am getting power to coils all thermistors and thermostats, flame sensor tests good is there anything else I'm missing? Can't get it to fire up? ???

What is the ignitor doing? Does it glow constantly or cycle on and off?

It glows constantly, not sure it cycles off though.

Just read an article that said the LP Gas pressure should be 0.4 lbs.for LP Gas Dryer. The Plumber tested the pressure and said it was 10 lbs. unless I misunderstood him do you think the pressure is too HIGH?

Ok Blaiser, this might sound silly to you, but is the gas supply turned back on? I've seen it happen before.


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