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Whirlpool Freezer Frost Build-Up

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We have a relatively new Whirlpool W10326799A Upright Freezer.  Initially we had it in the garage but when the summer temps hit extreme, it struggled badly and ice built up on the back wall (interior).  We brought it into the house, sorted it out and it runs fine and maintains temp.
Problem:  Some frost skims over the vents on the interior back wall of the freezer.  Is this normal or a problem?  The directions don't address this in the troubleshooting guide.

Check door gaskets and make sure they close ok.Model # is not right.Frost maybe a problem with it not defrosting as i guess it,s a self defrosting freezer.Model and serial # should be on tag together.

Sorry model # is right.

Do you here fan motor in freezer working?

Gaskets are good.  The fan appears to be running...


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