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frgidaire side by side refrigerator leaking water from filter

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MOD DFHS2313MF side by side refrigerator leakes water from filter when ever you are despensing water from dispenser could the filter be stopped up or cracked or maybe the culprit is the diffuser control? give me some input please  thanks

How long has the filter been in? Have you had any problem with things freezing in the fresh food side?

I have seen cracks in filters and cracks in the filter holder.

I did notice that the diffuser had ice on it and that the refrigerator side temp was down to 33 degrees so that tells me that either they lowered the temp or the diffuer gone bad customer replaced filter I called back this am and she tells me the temp is 37 degrees told her to keep an eye on it if it goes back down again i am replacing the diffuser the filter craked because it froze anyway i will keep you posted thanks a lot and have a nice day

This summer I have had a GE and a Frigidaire crack the filter because they froze. The GE ran water all over the kitchen and living room before they caught it.


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