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Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling!



My whirlpool frig/freezer combo is not working properly. The freezer is working,  but the frig is not cooling.  About a year ago, this problem presented itself and I was told to remove the back cover and defrost the coils.  This worked and I didn't have a problem for a year!  Now, the problem has returned and I was told to defrost the coils again.  This time, it only worked for a week.  What should I do next?  The model number is ED5FVGXSSOO


you could have a bad Defrost timer here is how its comes apart.


Or a bad defrost thermostat.Here is how you install that.If you have frost on freezer from top to bottom and you know how to use a ohmmeter  you and check for continuity with meter with the thermostat cut out and cold if open bad thermostat.These two are the the most common to be bad.Last but not least is the defrost heater that can be also  be check with meter.It is by the Defrost thermostat in series with heater and in freezer compartment.


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