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I'm getting my ass kicked GE with two evaps


Im getting my ass kicked by a GE PSCS5RGXCFF. It has two evaporators and the issue was that it wasn't getting down to the right tem. the actual temp is about ten degrees higher that the set temp. when I pulled the back panel off the freezer it had Ice building up on the bottom half of the evap, there was nothing on the FF evap and all the thermistors checked out ok,I changed the board melted off the Ice and now the freezer temp is at 2 degrees and the FF temp is at about 48, Im going back out cause last time the FF fan wasn't coming on after I changed the board and the FF temp was 55 and the compressor had just turned on and started running.

hi, try replace thermistor on refrig.side  inside of evaporator area


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