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Oh no, where are they going in appliance prices


Just saw a Roper washer at Lowes for $299, the new design with the stepping motor instead of a tranny.
 I can remember when they used to fill the old Whirlpool washer up to the top with clothes, then stomp them down to try to get them to fail,
 they held up ok. Can't do that with the older direct drive washer as the coupler will break, probably not with this new one or the motor will burn up!
 I suspect we will get fewer washer repair calls now!

this is the sort of thing im afraid of for this business!i share your concern,its very real!!i was a tv repairman for over 30 years and this is exactly what put me out of business,low cost tvs at walmart and bestbuys,$300 for a new 40 inch lcd tv......,,so i crossed over to appliance repair,i hope im wrong


--- Quote from: stocpro47 on July 08, 2013, 07:25:43 AM ---... i was a tv repairman for over 30 years

--- End quote ---
can you fix my VCR ?  :popcorn:

still plenty of appliances to fix.    If anything ,  try to keep people in their old appliances.    So they come out with a cheap washer, still have ovens,  in wall ovens,  cooktops,   Bigger refrigerators,   Hi end everything.     Plenty of stuff to fix,  at least around here.   


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