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Older Maytag Commercial Coin-op Stopping at Rinse Cycle.


I have a problem with a Maytag Commercial Coin-op Washer.  Model # AC23CS Series 04

If you put the coins in and activate the washer, everything is normal and the 'Machine in Use' indicator light is on.  Then after the agitating is done and all the water is drained from the tub, the 'Machine in Use' indicator light is still on and as soon as the indicator light 'Rinse' comes on the machine stops.  It just sits there with the two indicator lights on and does nothing.  Then if you put coins in again, it will start-up at the rinse cycle and complete the rinse cycle and the machine will stop like it just completed normally.

I thought it was the timer, so I put a new timer in and the same thing happens.  ???

Any thoughts of what the problem may be?


I couldn't get the model number to work on the parts lookup.

Sorry about that, I just rechecked it and the correct model number is A23CS Series 04

What I don't get ,is why putting coins in at the rinse will start it again. Heres why. That spring loaded arm on the timer sticks up at the start of the cycle so the coin slot can slip past it than catch it and pull it forward to start the cycle.By the time the rinse cycle starts that arm is down at the bottom of the timer and nowhere near the coin slot.

Unless it uses a coin drop system not a slide. Which is it?


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