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Whirlpool model #LSQ9549PW2. I am in the process of installing a new Short Cam Agitator Repair Kit Part Number AP3094543. I soaked the entire agitator in hot water because I was having trouble separating the upper and lower agitator. As I went to separate them, I noticed 2 flat plastic washers that came off. One of them has the same part number as the - Thrust Spacer Washer Part Number 3951608, but looks different. I think it could have possible wore down or the tabs broke off. Where does the new Thrust Spacer Washer get installed and where do I install the smaller washer? I posted some pics.

The spacer has worn all the way through, so now it's in two pieces.  Throw those pieces away and replace the spacer. It sits on top of the lower agitator with the tabs facing up.


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