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the cooling mechanism is just awful.  over time i have turned temps down (toward cold) and then back to factory settings.  I've had a mechanic here twice in 2 yrs.  presently fresh food is set at 2, freeezer at factory and i have ice in fluids, frozen veggie bin.  in the past months, i noticed warmer insides led to milk souring.  whatever is the problem?  the cost of repairs keeps going up and problem not solved.  one technician suggested it might be the refrigerant but there's certainly no correction for that.  should i just buy a new frig instead of several hundred dollars at repair time?

Model FRS6REW1

one thing you can do is clean out the cob webs on bottom of the condenser coils. Make sure the condenser fan motor is running full blast

thanks for such a fast reply.    already did that....several times!  any other ideas?????

These units only hold about 5 or 6 ounces of freon. It is VERY likely the unit is a tad low. Put an A-1 line tap on the low pressure side and check it. I bet the Pressure is below vacuum. It should be around 5 PSI. This unit probably runs on R134a freon which has been deemed safe for the environment and anybody can buy some at any automotive store. Gauges cost about 75 bucks at Harbor freight. Any Appliance parts outlet has A-1 line taps.

If freon needs to be added the correct way to repair it would be to find and repair the leak.

Then charge the unit the correct way.


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