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 :thanks: Working on a Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer and when it washes or spins it sounds like something is rubbing ,it's not real loud but loud enough. I have looked between the two tubs to see if something was stuck but found nothing. Tightened the nut on the bottom but it was already tight... What should I be checking? Thanks in advance for any help...

SORRY I forgot to give the model # --- WTW7340XW2

Since you made sure the shaft nut is tight & the rotor bolt must be tight because you have to take the rotor off to get to the shaft nut, then it sounds to me like bad bearings. Here is a link to a post that lists the parts & tools needed to make that repair.
The instruction sheets come with the bearing kit as well.

Thanks for the help scrapiron, is it very hard , looks pretty self explanatory in the diagram.. My only question is how can I print up JUST the manual pages without all the other email stuff? I am NOT real computer savy! Thanks Again...

Then instructions come with the parts. No need to print anything as your going to have to get the part (instructions included) to complete the repair.


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