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WTA 3500 UC 80/IV Bosch Dryer

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I know very little about Bosch Applainces, anyone run into this problem before:

Hi Jake,
It'll be a WTA3500UC/08. Digital control vented tumble dryer. Faults which will stop the machine running are door switch, door hook and PCB. If start activates the machine but the drum doesn't run it's a capacitor start/run motor - capacitors do fail.

Use and follow links into eShop for schematics and parts listings. Use model number as above.


Thanks Chris. O0

Mr. G:

I checked the cap with a analog simpson meter.  It checked good.  The motor windings read about 27 ohms.  54 ohms in series. The cap looked good:  no burn marks no bulges.  Any other suggestions?  Do you think the cap checks good under static conditions but fails when you apply voltage?  I have seen diodes check good staticly but fail under operational conditions.  Any other ideas?  My original blog said that the dryer lights come on and function switch seems to work.  The start button is pushed and the drying light comes on but no motor movement.

With the lid off, will it start if you push the drum round (careful....!)?

I have forwarded a bunch of Tech info to AJ - hopefully he will forward it to you soon.



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