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Western Holly, Old 50's Range


Here's one for theoldstoveguy.  I know nothing about these old stoves.  The customer just bought this stove.  She thinks it was on LP, she has it on NG.  The surface burners were really low.  I opened up the orifices and now looks good. The griddle flame is also low but the orifice doesn't look like it's adjustable. What size orifice or drill do I need? Neither of the oven burners will light.  If you push on the red buttons on the valves, the burners will come on.  Is there a cap on the regulator that needs to be flipped? Where do I find the model number?

The center grill was designed for making things like pancakes.  Normally, that burner is set a little higher than minimum flame, not for high flame like your other 4 burners.  The red buttons are thermocouple safety switches for the oven.  There is a pilot by each oven burner that is supposed to be lit.  Pull the top front burners out and look for the 1/4" tubes that lead out from the burner manifold.  There will be a small pilot valve that's probably closed.  Using your flathead screwdriver, turn the valve either way 1/4 turn to release some gas to the pilot valve.  Light the pilot valve.  It should be nice blue small flame touching the tip of the thermocouple.  You can adjust the pilot valve so that it's not too high but not so low that it can blow itself out by closing the oven door quickly.  After about 30 seconds, press the red button to reset the gas safety valve and the oven should operate properly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Wild.  I don't recall seeing a thermocouple at the oven burners, so that's probably the problem.  The griddle burner is so low that it won't light from the pilot, you have to match light it. Probably less then 1/8 inch flame.

You may need to remove the griddle orifice and clean it out.  Possible spider's nest in there.

The easy way to tell if the griddle has an adjustable orifice is to remove the orifice and look for the needle in the center,no needle needs a new orifice. I start with a 8 differential and go larger as needed. If orifice is a 74 try a 66 and go from there. I carry a set of drills made to do this. As for the oven and broiler you may need to change the pilots if they are preset to LP. The flame should cover 2/3 to 3/4 around the thermocouple. I have taken needles and GENTLY enlarged and had luck . Wild has covered the rest.


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