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Question! Can I use it for small air conditioning system repair?


Does anybody know anything about this repair technology? Recently I found this thing and wondering if I can use it for small air conditioning system repair.

I want professional opinion on this. Thanks much.

Once you get the repair done how do you get the stick to stop burning? Or is this doctored photog at work? I never seen this stuff before. Looks like a nice product.

I thing on the video it is pretty clear, when you took out melted component form the stick it just stop burning without lighter. But this is my personal opinion. I will try to pay $15 and get one stick for testing and then I will know for sure.  :cheers:

I doubt this stuff can work. Hermetic compressors run hot, as soon as the compressor gets hot the alloy would began to weaken and possibly melt. Maybe the evaporator is a better place to try this stuff...


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