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GE Triton XL Dishwasher will not drain

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Our GE Triton XL Dishwasher (model GSD6960J01SS) will not drain.  We received it used, My husband (carpenter, mechanic, jack of all trades) installed it himself.  He has now taken it out, taken everything inside apart, and put it back together several times to get it to work, but so far with no luck. 
we've read many other posts, but none seem to answer our specific problem.

When we run a normal cycle (after removing all water manually) it will seemingly run through everything ok, but when it is finished and we open the door there is still water sitting in the bottom.
This is what we've tried so far:
*this model has no air gap, and we've tried draining it with the drain hose low AND high (over 32") with no results
*the disposal drain is open as it should be (our old dishwasher drained through it just fine)
*the drain hose is not clogged, nor is anything else (he has taken it all apart and put it back together several times)
*the rubber gasket in the check valve seems to be good too
*the pump seems to run ok when we start the dishwasher, then stop it we can hear the pump come on, but it doesn't stay on and nothing drains out

We really don't know what else to try - it seems like it would be a good dishwasher if we could just figure out why it's not draining - everything else works.

Any suggestions would be welcome - please help.

Does the drain pump get 120 volts?

Sounds like a bad check valve.  AP3419048  When the drain pump drains the water it is also forming a syphon and if the check valve is inoperative it will let the drain water back into the tub. 

How can you tell if the pump is getting 120 volts? 
My husband is at work today, so he won't be able to look at it until tonight.  But I will ask him about the voltage.
We're pretty sure it isn't the check valve, though - that was one of the first things he looked at.  The rubber was in good condition and he couldn't blow air through it the wrong way.

But could he blow through it the RIGHT way?
The pump voltage will have to be checked with a volt meter while the timer control is in pumpout sequence.


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