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LG Room Air Conditioner 220V - Pulling 40 amps - Compressor Shutting Down


Hoping someone can help with this 220 Volt LG (Window) Air Conditioner - Model#LWHD1200R
(I think this is the model # - Poor labeling on LG's part - no model # found but cross referenced frame #)

Air conditioner runs - compressor kicks on momentarily (1 minute) then cycles off and will not cycle back on. Put amp probe on wires and compressor kicks on with a reading of 40 amps then shuts down. New capacitor and main control board installed. Do you think compressor is locking up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not too keen on Air Conditioner repair.

Thank You!

Do an ohm check on the c s r windings... Unit should say what it will pull amp wise running. Sounds as if compressor windings are REALLY close to direct short, cycling on OVERLOAD... :P

Compressor either has a shorted winding or its locking up. Depending on the accuracy of the meter ohms test might be able to confirm the short. In any case bad news compressor must go out.  :(

Found out that the Compressor is SHOT! Replacement is needed. Thank You for the info.

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