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GE Triton Profile Performance not draining w/cycle, but will drain on reset...??


I have a GE Triton Profile Performance dishwasher - approx 11 years old.  (Model GSD something-or-other) When it's done, there is a good amount of water in the basin.  This happened a couple of months ago, and I replaced the piston/nut assembly, and it was draining fine until yesterday.  Now there's water in the basin again after the cycles are complete.  It DOES DRAIN when I hit start and then quickly hit reset (when it goes through the cycles before shutting off), so obviously it has the ability to's just not doing it when it's supposed to.  I have to do the start/reset thing 3 times to get it to drain completely.   Suggestions???  I'm about ready to start scanning the Best Buy ads for a new one.... :tickedoff:

Model number?  Check the air gap at the sink for toothpicks.


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