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Yet another Ge dryer wont start thread.......


But guess what, it's my fault this time so somebody help me out.
First off let me say that I am completely new to repairing most stuff but I am the man around so I try. Usually my efforts end in success but this time I was careless.

What happened is that my start switch fell down into the head unit of the dryer. Being that we were just about to leave the house to meet friends for dinner I figured I would just open the back of the head unit and put it back in place.

I noticed that that the metal prong on the top was not even touching the plastic stopper that's supposed to hold the start switch control box in place. What did I do? Decided to bend that metal prong forward so that it actually makes secure contact with the stopper so that it stays in place. Good idea right? Thank you thank you.

Well my execution was piss poor.
I did not unplug the dryer first.
Yes, I know now.

The top connector on the start timer control box touched the metal on the back part of the control panel.
Luckily I was not shocked but there was a spark and a loud pop.
The dryers circuit breaker tripped as well.

I know how to reset that but the dryer won't come on.
The light comes on when the door is opened but the dryer just won't start.

Without the use of a multimeter I'm guessing that I have shorted out the start button control box.
Please help. Right now I am feeling like a DA for not following the first rule of electricity.
Help me fix this myself

Also, I don't get the humm when I turn the switch.

I can not be certain without a model number.
There is probably a thermal fuse on the heater canister in the 2 o'clock position that is now blown.

Thanks for the reply and sorry about that.
Model number is DLSR483EG0WW

My guess is 507.
Anythang you fix can be fixed with the appliance unplugged. Get a ohm meter and find the open component making sure you do not get a ghost feed; disconnect at least one wire from each safety and check for continuity. I fixed one of these and posted photos of the repair on an AJ blog This one is like yours HOTPOINT DRYER REPAIR

Number 507 in picture is called non re setable limit and the part number is WE4X800, click on pic to enlarge:


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