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GE Dryer heats up when it is not on and won't start

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I am needing some guidance on what may be wrong with a dryer I have.  The dryer heats up when it is not on and gets quite hot.  Also, it makes a terrible noise when you try to turn it on and does not run when you try to start it. 

I was thinking it was the heating coil but I thought perhaps it was the motor or a switch in the motor?  Any suggestions?


It sounds like the centrifugal switch in the motor is stuck on. You will need to disassemble the dryer to get to the motor. It could be plugged up with lint. Or the switch is bad requiring a motor replacement.

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Check for the shorted heater coil for the heater coming on while the dryer is not being used. And for the the dryer not coming on check for the thermal cut off if that's not bad then there could be a broken drum belt or the motor could be bad too, you have to open the dryer and check all the fuses.

I guess it's good (or bad) to see others with the same issue to aide is fixing my problem. 

I have a GE DVL223EB1WW dryer, it quit heating and I thought it may be the heat element since it broke a few years back.  The element was broken and I replaced it.

Now, when you turn the timer the heat element heats up and starts to glow.  It doesn't matter if the door is open or shut.  If you turn the timer to the off position then it shuts the heat off.  After reading through a couple of these threads I double checked to make sure I had not installed the element with it touching any part of the metal housing.  I have also tested this with the drum out so that would be eliminated.

I'm guessing that the dryer was stopped before the timer was in the off position and thus, the element continued to extreme heat until it broke. 

Any added help would be appreciated.  Any extra photos you may need I probably have ready.  Thank you!

Make sure that you heater coil isn't touching the casing at all.


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