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Dryer stops mid-cycle (Model DPVH880GJ0WW )


Dryer stops mid-cycle (Model DPVH880GJ0WW )

Dryer runs for about 15min and then stops with the start/stop light flashing. After awhile I can then restart but usually for less time than when first started up. It does this even on the Air fluff cycle (No heat)

I have:
Cleaned the vent/exhaust
Checked the service mode for error codes - there are none
Replaced both the flame sensor and ignitor
Replaced the control board

I am beginning to think there is a thermal sensor in the motor that trips but the schematics dont show this. The motor sounds fine. No evidence of strain or unusual noises. No burning smell or other signs of over heating.

All help appreciated.


WE5M54 is the wetness sensor. It might need to be replaced

Thanks for the reply.
How would I test the wetness sensor?
Pls bear in mind that the dryer stops after 15-25min without any clothes even on the no heat cycle...


I think it's your motor.  Does it make a growl sound when you start it?  If you can't restart it right away after it stops, it's almost certainly a bad motor.


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