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Bosch SMU2042UC/14 Wiring Problem


I've run into a few of these Bosch dishwashers with the wiring that runs through the plastic sheath. My experience is that once one wire breaks in the sheath, the rest are soon to follow.  So, instead of patching it up, I replace the whole harness, 296373. The harness is no longer available.  Anybody have any tips on how I can do a good repair on this?

I guess I'm the only one who's seen this?  I had some sheet vinyl laying around, so I made a new sheath.  I cut it so, when folded in half, it's the same size as the old sheath.  I closed up the open side with some zip ties. I cut a hole in the same place where it hangs on the guide. I replaced the broken wire and a couple of questionable ones.  I think it's a good repair.  At least it will be easier to see which wire is broken the next time.

I've never seen this issue. But I do like what you did here. Nice job. O0

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