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Frigidaire AEQ6000ES2 dryer strange electrical readings

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Have a Frigidaire Affinity dryer model no AEQ6000ES2 that will not start.It shows code E9E.I have checked the thermal limiter and it shows good.At the terminal block it shows from red wire to white 248 vac but from black to white 64 vac???? what gives? I thought it was supposed to show about 110vac from each line wire to netural and 240vac across both wires.What do you guys think is going on with these readings?

Take the dryer out of the equation first, check VAC at the OUTLET O0

I have done that and it is ok.Thanks for your reply and help.

loose Nut on Dryer Cord Terminal Strip Neutral

As others have mentioned,house wiring is defective.
Once it reaches the dryer(load) the voltage changes.
Bad supply wire or loose Neutral.


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